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Notice to Proceed

1Notice of Proceed – Provision of Farm Inputs Assisstance on Cattle Production for Tobacco Farmers1/14/2022
2Notice to Proceed – Municipal Complex Center12/20/2021
3Notice to Proceed – Construction of Retaining Wall of Tiempo National High School Junior High School12/14/2021
4Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Barangay Portable Water Source (Dilong-Bolikew & Tubtuba-Bubon)12/1/2021
5Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Day Care Center(Caocaoayan, Pananuman, Kili)12/1/2021
6Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Pang-ot View Deck12/1/2021
7Notice to Proceed – Provision of Farm Inputs and Machinery assistance for Livelihood on Tobacco Production11/3/2021
8Notice to Proceed – Construction of Sawangan Retaining Wall (Barangay Tubtuba)10/25/2021
9Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 200 LI. M along Manit Road10/22/2021
10Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Home Economic Building (Dilong Elementary School)10/22/2021
11Notice to Proceed – Procurement of Medicines10/20/2021
12Notice to Proceed – Procurement of High Quality Seeds of Palay10/18/2021
13Notice to Proceed – Repair and Maintenance of Access Road10/15/2021
14Notice to Proceed – Procurement of Medical, Dental & Laboratory Supplies8/27/2021
15Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Siko Along Poblacion – Supo FMR8/25/2021
16Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Sausa – Tampugo Access Road8/25/2021
17Notice to Proceed – Construction of Multi-purpose Building8/25/2021
18Notice to Proceed – Construction of Retaining Wall8/17/2021
19Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Pilpila-Batayan Local Access Road8/11/2021
20Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Lam-ag to Calabnay FMR7/26/2021
21Notice to Proceed – Procurement of Medical Supplies and Equipment7/5/2021
22Notice to Proceed – Construction of Level I Potable Water Supply at Barangay Amtuagan, Tubo, Abra6/15/2021
23Notice to Proceed – Purchase of Disaster logistics and PPE for Responders6/4/2021
24Notice to Proceed – Construction of Level II Potable Water Supply (Wayangan)5/18/2021
25Notice to Proceed – Construction of Level II Potable Water Supply (Supo)5/18/2021
26Notice to Proceed – Extension of Tiempo BHS5/6/2021
27Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Bacabac-Lipit Along Poblacion-Supo FMR5/12/2021
28Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 500 LI.M Along Kaliskisen-Likowan Access Road4/30/2021
29Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 200 LI.M. of Suongan Access Road4/30/2021
30Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 200 li.m. of Suongan Access Road at Barangay Poblacion, Tubo, Abra4/30/2021
31Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Boo to Kingking Along Poblacion-Dilong FMR4/30/2021
32Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 500 LI.M Along Pilpila-Batayan Access Road4/20/2021
33Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Paskok-Lining Along Poblacion-Dilong FMR4/8/2021
34Notice to Proceed – Municipal Complex4/6/2021
35Notice to Proceed – Rehabilitation of Infra Projects (Poblacion-Tiempo Road, Basicaang-Donotan CIS)3/25/2021
36Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Poblacion-Dilong Access Road (Lineng-Napatnay With Two Unit Box Culvert)3/15/2021
37Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 500 Li.M Along Til-Ongan Pilaw Access Road (Palingban To Pilaw Section)3/15/2021
38Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Kili-Tabacda Road (Tamboan-Lamlamot Section)3/15/2021
39Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Access Road and Sanitary Landfill Site Preparation3/8/2021
40Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 1.5 Km. Along Poblacion-Supo-Lipit Access Road3/1/2021
41Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 300 LI.M Road From Spillway to Dakit Angyan3/1/2021
42Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 500 LI.M Along Edap – Labay Access Road(Dacuag-Labay Road)2/24/2021
43Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 700 LI.M Along Ap-Apok To Tumbeb Road2/24/2021
44Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Basikaang Along Poblacion – Tiempo FMR2/24/2021
45Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 200 LI.M along Wayangan – Subsubo FMR1/8/2021
46Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Barangay Potable water Source (Til-ong, Supo & Dipoo, Alangtin)12/22/2020
47Notice to Proceed – Repair and Maintenance of Motor Pool12/3/2020
48Notice to Proceed – Construction of one Green House12/1/2020
49Notice to Proceed – Layer Egg Production Cum Training11/20/2020
50Notice to Proceed – Construction of RHU Medical Ward11/19/2020
51Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Health Center Expansion of RHU8/7/2020
52Notice to Proceed – Farm Inputs & Machinery Assistance for Livelihood on Tobacco Production7/29/2020
53Notice to Proceed – Construction of Pang-ot View Deck7/20/2020
54Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Municipal Mini Museum7/20/2020
55Notice to Proceed – Procurement of Solar7/17/2020
56Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Sukok along Poblacion-Tiempo FMR6/22/2020
57Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Edyaw-Sokisok FMR6/22/2020
58Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Pukong Tubo FMR6/11/2020
59Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Padinay Caocaoayan Tubo FMR6/7/2020
60Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Timoken along Poblacion-Supo-Lipit FMR6/22/2020
61Notice to Proceed – Construction of 5 Box Culvert along Kili-Tabacda5/29/2020
62Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 250 li.m. Dugong-Langen along Kili-Tabacda Road5/11/2020
63Notice to Proceed – Construction of Dacuag MPCC5/3/2020
64Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Edap-Labay Road5/3/2020
65Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 250li.m. Dugong-Langen along kill-tabacda Road3/11/2020
66Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 150 li.m along Sausa-Bansag Road3/4/2020
67Notice to Proceed – Improvement of 500 li.m along Pilpila-Road2/28/2020
68Notice to Proceed – Retaining Wall for Dilong Barangay Health Station2/28/2020
69Notice to Proceed – Rehabilitation of Til-ongan-Pilaw Road2/28/2020
70Notice to Proceed – Construction of Bukeg Intake Box CIS2/27/2020
71Notice to Proceed – Purchase of Medicinal Equipment2/27/2020
72Notice to Proceed – Construction of Slope Protection along Soysoyan Road2/27/2020
73Notice to Proceed – Purchase of Radio Base and Handheld Radio2/24/2020
74Notice of Proceed – Purchase of Medicines for Emergency Disaster Epidemic Victims2/14/2020
75Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Poblacion-Lipit Boundary Road (Sta. 06+038 – Sta. 06+0358)12/18/2019
76Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Poblacion Water System12/18/2019
77Notice to Proceed – Rehabilitation of Kili Village Water System11/14/2019
78Notice to Proceed – Rehabilitation of Pingew CIS with 7 meters Flume11/3/2019
79Notice to Proceed – Construction of Mitigation Measures (riprapping, canal and PCCP along Soysoyan Road)10/29/2019
80Notice to Proceed – Road Rehabilitation-Timoken10/25/2019
81Notice to Proceed – Construction of Retaining Wall of Amtuagan Plaza10/22/2019
82Notice to Proceed – Construction of Sabangen-Ngina Box Culvert10/19/2019
83Notice to Proceed – Improvement of Amtuagan Water Source10/19/2019
84Notice to Proceed – Preparation of Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA) and Capacity Development (CAPDEV)10/18/2019
85Notice to Proceed Improvement of 250 LI.M Along Bana-Tabacda Road (Libliban & Bolo)8/26/2019
86Notice to Proceed Improvement of 200 LI.M Along Kaliskisen-Likowan Road8/20/2019


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