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Welcome Message of the Mayor

Welcome to Tubo, an upland municipality of Abra where sits beautiful mountains and rivers. A Municipality governed by culture and traditions of the peace loving and united Maeng Tribe.

The desire to deliver the basic services to the people while being transparent include the use and adaptation of modern technologies.

We are very proud to announce the launching of the Official Website of the Municipality of Tubo, Abra which will bring the Local Government Unit closer to the people around the world who are interested to know, learn, and be updated about the Municipality.

The official website will be the source of information regarding the Municipality which will not only serve the constituents but also visitors.

Most importantly, people who will access the website will gain information about the programs, projects, and activities as well as the services offered by various offices.

We also hope that this site will serve as a tool in generating investments and promotion of our tourism together with our culture and the Dap-ay system of government.

Welcome to our Municipality.

History of Tubo

R.A. No. 5161

An Act Creating the Municipality of Tubo in the Province of AbraRepublic Act No. 5161 Congress of the Philippines 17 June 1967

*Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:*


A peaceful, productive and self-reliant community whose people are healthy, well-educated and God-loving, enjoying an atmosphere of balanced environment and be a major source of agricultural, mineral and forest products through indigenous and sustainable development system of its land and natural resources.


To craft a roadmap composed of appropriate, culture-sensitive plans and programs that shall ensure a better life for the present without compromising the needs of the future generations, carefully taking into account the spiritual, cultural and economic development by way of pursuing sustainable development and ecological balance; enriching indigenous culture and traditions; promoting gender equality; and protecting the rights of its residents.


2nd floor, Dap-ay di Tubo, Poblacion, Tubo, Abra


+63 917-157-7101

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