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NGCP E50 Power Interruption (June 28, 2019) 9am-10am

POWER INTERRUPTION: Ipakpakaamo ti ABRECO nga adda ti naka-schedule nga NGCP power interruption wenno panagawan ti kuriente iti entero nga Abra inton Biernes (June 28, 2019) 9am-10am.

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ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE TREASURY OFFICE: as per guidelines, the treasury office shall set up a BUSINESS ONE-STOP-SHOP during peak seasons. It is hereby announced that the treasury office has activated its BUSINESS ONE-STOP-SHOP (BOSS) at the municipal plaza in front of the municipal hall/dap-ay di tubo. All necessary requirements and permits for businesses are swiftly processed with discounts at the moment. Please come and grab this activity.​

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Panagala iti cedula ket manipud January-February 28,2018. Adda penalty
kalpasan ti February 28, 2018.

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Renewal of business permit ket mairugi iti Enero 2-20, 2018.
Penalty kalpasan ti Enero 20,2018.

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Adda 10% DISCOUNT iti REAL PROPERTY TAX manipud Enero 2-31, 2018.
Penalty on real property tax ket maited kadagiti agirenew kalpasan ti March
31, 2018.

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Municipal Social Welfare Development Office

Municipal Planning and Development Office

Municipal Engineerings Office

Office of the Municipal Agriculturist

Office of the Veterinarians Office

Municipal Budget Office

Municipal Health Office

Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office

 Address : 2nd floor, Dap-ay di Tubo, Poblacion, Tubo, Abra
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